Staying Warm in Bleachers

ParknPool wants to help you be a little more comfortable and have a little more fun when outside enjoying a sporting event. In combination with the following tips, it is also important to understand the fact that anything warmer than you will add heat to your body. If being cold is going to be a problem and you have the opportunity, don’t pass up a chance to sit in the sun, go inside, sit by a hot fire, or drink some hot chocolate.

Your body is designed to burn food for energy and produces heat from within. So, don’t forget to eat! If your body is getting cold, it will sacrifice your feet and hands to save its life. Ever wonder why your feet and hands are the first to get cold?! Your body loses heat in 5 ways – radiation, convection, conduction, respiration, and evaporation.

  1. Radiation. Just as a wood stove radiates heat into a room, your body radiates heat into the air. The more insulation you put around it, the loss of heat is decreased.
  2. Convection is moving air. Wind blowing through your sweater or around your jacket is heat lost through convection. Windproof outer layers will help prevent heat loss.
  3. Sitting on some cold bleachers at a football game, grabbing a ski pole, or just catching a cold zipper on your neck, are all heat loss by conduction.
  4. Respiration. Every time you breathe, you breathe out warm air. Don’t stop breathing! There’s not a lot you can do to prevent this, just be aware that you are going to lose some heat just by breathing.
  5. Evaporation is a very efficient cooling process.

6 Tips for Staying Warm at a Sporting Event

Check weather conditions before heading outside. Watch your local weekly weather forecast to make it easy to prepare in advance.

Dress appropriately. If you are going to be in the extreme cold, wear as many layers of warm clothing as possible. If it’s mildly cold, try to dress in just a few layers and pack an extra coat or sweater in case the temperature drops.

Be prepared for all conditions. Keep an umbrella, poncho, or warm jacket with you. Have an indoor, heated place to go…you don’t want to be stuck outside if the weather conditions become extreme.

Wear waterproof shoes or boots with a good grip. If your feet are cold and wet, it won’t matter how well the rest of your body is bundled up. You will be miserable!

Wear gloves and/or mittens and long thick socks. These protect your hands and your feet, which are the hardest places to keep warm blood flowing. Try wearing thinner gloves underneath heavier winter gloves for extra warmth.

Pack warm food. Sometimes all you need in chilly conditions is hot food or drink. Carry a thermos with hot drinks, soup or noodles. Warm food and drink will warm you from the inside out and keep your strength up.

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