Prepare Your Pool Furniture for Fall!

Fall is the best time to start preparing your pool furniture for winter storage, your guests have traveled back home, the pool is being covered and the temperature are beginning to drop.

These maintenance and prepping tops will not only allow you to store your furniture but it will also give you a little confidence to pull everything back on those occasional warm Fall days.

1. Cushions:
Make sure that all of your cushions and pillows are clean of any stains and spills before placing them in some sort of storage container. If a storage container is not readily available then sturdy outdoor trash bags will help them keep their original vibrant coloring. Once you have scrubbed your cushions be sure they are good and dry before storing them away. If you pack them away still wet, mold and mildew can grow.

2. Umbrellas:
Cleaning an umbrella can be extremely awkward if not done properly, especially if your umbrellas have a one-piece pole. these may take a few people to thoroughly and properly clean. A two-piece poled umbrella can be a little less cumbersome. Start by taking the pole apart then place the top of the umbrella into the umbrella base to make it a little easier to reach. Crank or pull the umbrella open and wash the fabric with a dish detergent and water mixture. If you have a vinyl-topped umbrella, a cleaner made for convertible car tops works efficiently. Allow the umbrella to fully dry open in the sun for a couple of days before packing it away. Putting an umbrella away still damp is sending a welcoming message to mold a mildew.

3.  Outdoor Pool Furniture:
Best case scenario you have a storage building or space where your outdoor furniture can be stored during the winter months, this will allow your furniture a longer lifespan if leaves and snow are unable to pile on top of everything. All of your furniture deserves a good cleaning and scrubbing before being  packed away for a few months until the sunshine and warm weather returns. Most of ParknPool’s commercial grade furniture can be scrubbed with a common household cleaner (including bleach based cleaners) or by using a bottle of casual clean.

For more information and in-depth cleaning instructions based on your type of furniture, give us a call at 877.777.3700.