Managing Your HOA’s Swimming Pool

During the summer, no other amenity is enjoyed more than a community’s swimming pool.

Though a swimming pool can add to the value of the residence and attract new buyers, managing and maintaining it is a major investment of time, energy and money. In order for an HOA’s swimming pool to be safe, successful and enjoyable, its management staff must address many issues. Proper management is the key to retaining a pool’s value. Community managers play a key role in the day-to-day management and operation of the swimming pool. Their responsibilities range from obtaining the proper permits and licenses to training the staff on the pool’s rules and regulations.

Properly equipping the pool deck is essential to enjoyment and safety. To avoid liability, always furnish the pool area with commercial grade pool furniture. While residential grade chaise lounges, poolside chairs, tables and umbrellas have an enticing price, they are not made for public use. If a resident gets injured on a piece of residential furniture, the management is on their own when it comes to lawsuits.

Contrarily, commercial pool furniture is engineered and built to hold up to constant use daily. If a piece of furniture was to break, you have the manufacturer’s product liability insurance to protect you. In respect to providing an enjoyable pool deck, these are the furniture pieces that you would need:

  • Chaise Lounges
  • Poolside Dining Chairs
  • Poolside Dining & Side Tables
  • Commercial Patio Umbrellas
  • Umbrella Bases
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Lifeguard Chairs

While swimming pools may make for happy residents, they are often a challenge to manage and maintain but by forming a close working relationship with ParknPool Corp and by taking proactive measures to make sure the pool is safe and healthy, the stressful elements of managing a swimming pool can be minimized.

Preparing Outdoor Furniture for Cooler Weather

Fall is the best time to start preparing your commercial grade outdoor furniture for winter storage. Your guests have traveled back home, the pool is being covered and the temperature is beginning to drop.

On sunny days and warm summer nights, your guests enjoy the luxury of your outdoor spaces but as temperatures drop and snow starts to flurry, no one wants to sit outside anymore. What do you do with your outdoor furniture? These maintenance and prepping tips will not only allow you to store your furniture but will also give you a little confidence to pull everything back out on those occasional warm Fall days.


Make sure that all cushions and pillows are clean of any stains and spills before placing them in some sort of storage container. If a storage container is not readily available then sturdy outdoor trash bags will help them keep their original vibrant coloring. Once you have scrubbed your cushions be sure they are good and dry before storing them away. If you pack them away still wet, mold and mildew can grow.


Cleaning an umbrella can be extremely awkward if not done properly, especially if your umbrellas have a one-piece pole. These may take a few people to thoroughly and properly clean. A two-piece poled umbrella can be a little less cumbersome. Start by taking the pole apart then place the top of the umbrella into the umbrella base to make it a little easier to reach. Crank or pull the umbrella open and wash the fabric with a dish detergent and water mixture. If you have a vinyl-topped umbrella, a cleaner made for convertible car tops works efficiently. Allow the umbrella to fully dry open in the sun for a couple of days before packing it away. Putting an umbrella away still damp is sending a welcoming message to mold and mildew.


Best case scenario you have a storage building or space where your pool furniture can be stored during the winter months, this will allow a longer lifespan if leaves and snow are unable to pile on top of everything. All of your furniture deserves a good cleaning and scrubbing before being packed away for a few months until the sunshine and warm weather returns. Most of ParknPool’s commercial grade furniture can be scrubbed with a common household cleaner (including bleacher based cleaners).

For more information and in-depth cleaning instructions based on your type of furniture, give us a call at 877.777.3700.

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Complete Guide for Choosing the Right Commercial Grade Umbrella

Commercial grade umbrellas for outdoor use come in various shapes, sizes, colors and their cost may vary. Their ability to enhance an outdoor space, however, is invaluable. They are essential for those that want to provide shade to create a comfortable environment for patrons. From waterparks, hotels and restaurants, it is possible to find reliable solutions that will provide years of trouble-free use.

If you are ready to make these enhancements within your space, you may be wondering how to choose the right umbrella for the project. You can determine which commercial grade umbrella to choose by considering these factors:

  • The amount of shade needed.
  • The size of the space to be shaded.
  • The site’s environment.
  • The umbrellas’ quality.

Picking the Right Size

Understanding your size requirements will help you decide whether you need one or more umbrellas to provide ample amount of shade in your space. Measure your space or ask experts for help if needed! To have the best outcome in your commercial outdoor space, it’s important to consider size and placement. Measuring is much better than guessing and being stuck with an umbrella that doesn’t fit correctly. Commercial grade umbrellas typically range from 7 feet to 11 feet for in table use. The size you need is largely based on the size table:

  • 36 Inch Table = 7 Foot Umbrella
  • 48 Inch Table = 9 Foot Umbrella

Considering Durability and Weather Resistance

Commercial grade umbrellas are built to better sustain the unpredictable abuse of the wind. They offer a heavy-duty aluminum pole for extra strength and fiberglass ribs to bend but not break. You need to choose umbrellas with a canopy of high-performance fabric that is water repellant, resistant to mildew and fade, provides UV ray protection and is vented at the top to help release pressure in windy conditions.

Most organizations want to spend a minimum amount of time and effort in maintaining and replacing their umbrellas. Choose a good quality, rust-resistant product with a weather resistant canopy that will last for years. Under normal wear and tear, commercial grade umbrellas should look well-seasoned and not weather-beaten!


The best commercial grade umbrellas may cost a little more but when working with ParknPool, you will still receive the most competitive pricing. Because our high-quality umbrellas will last longer, you will get a better return on your investment. We understand it’s important to stick to a budget so let us help you find a commercial grade umbrella option that gives you the most value for your money.


One of your top priorities is safety! When choosing an umbrella, you’ll want to deeply consider safety as a determining factor. Carefully choose a product that meets the highest safety and quality standards. Be selective and choose a brand like ParknPool that addresses the safety of your patrons.

Commercial Umbrellas vs. Residential Umbrellas

The major difference between a commercial grade umbrella and a residential one that you can find at your local store or online is that commercial grade umbrellas are mostly larger and built more durable for commercial usage. While a common home umbrella is used as decoration, commercial umbrellas are built as add-ons for both style and functionality.

There are a few reasons why commercial grade umbrellas are favored over other types:

  • They are affordable. Constructing an outdoor patio area with a roof can get costly. Umbrellas are relatively inexpensive by comparison. Considering they can create the exact same effect, it is no wonder they are usually the first option considered by owners.
  • They are foldable. It is very easy to store away commercial grade umbrellas when you no longer need to use them. This gives you the flexibility to free up space almost immediately.
  • They can be personalized. In certain commercial settings, branding is everything. An umbrella can serve as an extra vehicle for marketing your brand.
  • They are user-friendly. There is no need for complicated manuals or help from a professional in the daily setting-up and down of umbrellas. You can shift the umbrellas from one spot to another without much effort. You can also open and shut them as you please to allow as much sunlight or shade as you wish.

Types and Styles of Commercial Grade Umbrellas

Umbrellas are available in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. While it is easy to get confused by all the options, keeping your needs in mind is a good way to narrow down your choices.

Centerpost umbrellas are your most common umbrella where the pole in the center connects to a base. Typically, these are used for seating arrangements where you have an umbrella in the center of a table.
Cantilever umbrellas are different from those with a centerpost because their stands are not conventionally in the center but off to the side. They are great for areas with restrictive space, where it would not always be possible to put an umbrella in an upright stand.

If you are looking for new commercial grade umbrellas, you will need to keep these key features in mind and give us a call!

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