Get to Know the Different Types of Bleachers

Learn About Your Bleacher Options!

Bleachers aren’t just for sitting. The greatest sports moments have been cheered, revered and idolized from these bleachers and grandstands! Having quality stadium seating is essential to creating a top notch athletic field. These aluminum bleachers provide you with the safety, high-quality and durability that are crucial to ensure your sports fans are enjoying a game or event the way it should be enjoyed…safely!

Our bleacher and grandstand collection makes it possible for us to fit whatever your stadium seating or grandstand needs may be. Whether you’re looking for an economical ‘speedy bleacher’ or a more permanent bleacher you will find it here!

Tip N’ Roll: Indoor basketball tournaments are great fundraisers for your school or indoor recreational facility, and it’s even better when more participants and spectators show up than expected! making sure that you have extra seating on hand for this type of situation is always a good idea! Portable bleachers are perfect for your temporary seating needs and allow you to move from one event to the next with ease! These Tip N’ Roll bleachers are easily tipped up onto swivel casters, or attached wheels, for movement while caster brakes keep the bleacher from rolling while in storage. They also have non-marring rubber foot pads that run the depth of the bleacher on either side of the frame which protect your hardwood floors when in use. Portable Tip N’ Roll bleachers are constructed with an aluminum frame to reduce the weight, making for easier lifting. Casters aren’t made for all terrains so Tip N’ Roll bleachers should be used indoors. They require a capable adult to ensure that bleachers are moved safely, and larger units require more than one person to transport them.

Non-Elevated: A non-elevated bleacher is a basic seating system with a first seat height of 16 inches. When seating on the first row, your feet are at ground level, requiring no additional walkways or stairwells. They are an outdoor seating system that should be anchored to resist hazardous wind conditions. These bleachers are available in standard, preferred, or deluxe and may require additional options:

  • Ground Sills: These treated 2×6 boards are suggested to be attached to the bottom of each bleacher frame when a bleacher system is placed on any surface other than concrete. They run the depth of the bleacher frame and prevent the frames from settling into the surface.
  • Auger Anchors: Used to anchor bleacher frames to any surface other than concrete (asphalt, crushed gravel, soil, etc.)
  • Concrete Anchors: Used for anchoring the bleacher frames to concrete.

Transportable: Transportable non-elevated bleachers are designed to withstand the rigors of movement at a top speed of 5mph, however they are not intended for use on public roadways. They are beneficial for moving bleacher systems from one field of play to another within the same park or recreational area. These bleachers can be moved from field to field according to where your athletic event is taking place. They are fitted with a galvanized steel lifting brace and have extra bracing to stabilize the bleacher during transport. All transportable bleacher units include ground sills, but may need to be anchored to resist hazardous winds. Each seating system includes wheel attachment brackets and horizontal lifting braces. A transport kit (which is not included with the bleacher system) is necessary to move the bleachers, however one kit will move several sets of bleachers. Transportable bleachers are available in standard, preferred or deluxe models and are the perfect solution for adding temporary seating where permanent year round bleachers are not required. All of the above options can be manufactured with either an aluminum or galvanized steel frame. You can also choose a vertical picket or chain-link guardrail with any option as well. The vertical picket guardrail is recommended if being used by small children due to the inability to climb the guardrail and less chance of children getting stuck.

Stadium: You’ve spent weeks preparing your football field for the big game. Fans are starting to file in and you realize that the patrons seated on the first row are only able to see the back of the championship team! Stadium bleachers are an elevated seating system that provides better viewing for your spectators, solving this problem. When seating on the first row of these bleachers, your feet are at the height of the elevated walkway. Stadium seating systems come with a standard elevation of 36″ but can be customized to fit your specific needs. These outdoor seating systems are available with or without ADA seating, and are manufactured with a galvanized steel frame providing protection and longevity.

When ordering bleachers we advise you to check your local requirements for such things as aisles, guardrails, ADA, or other conditions. Check your local building codes before purchasing, and request our Bleacher Safety Guide to ensure your seating is 100% safe. Give us a call to speak with one of our sales managers to choose the perfect bleacher to meet your specific needs!

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Designing and Building a Campground

  • Step 1: Perform a comprehensive study on the type of park best suited for the market you have selected and then project the profit and loss for the first five years. This study should also help you make the decision whether to try to purchase a franchise from one of the two franchise campground companies or to operate as an independent.
  • Step 2: Identify the specific parcel of land that you want to develop and then begin to quantify the costs associated with that specific parcel. Just a few questions to ask yourself:
    • Can I get proper zoning?
    • What offsite improvements will be required?
    • How will the sewage be handled?
    • What is the source of water?
    • Are there any unusual environmental requirements?
    • Is there a drainage problem?
    • Is the land level or is the grade too steep to be developed?
    • Can I install cabins or other fixed rental units?
  • Step 3: Develop the specific campground or RV park layout of sites and amenities. If you purchased a franchise, the franchise company will do this for you. If you have elected to be an independent park then you will have to hire someone to design the park.
  • Step 4: After receiving zoning and planning department approval, your local engineer or architect can draw the final plans and solicit bids on the construction of your RV park or campground. Local knowledge people can best handle this step.
  • Step 5: Build the park. But at the same time, even though you will be buried in details, don’t forget that now is the time to finalize all your marketing and business plans for the operation of the park. You will also need to prepare marketing materials like billboard ads, directory ads, rack cards, and many other marketing items.

A Kid Friendly Campsite

With most of your campers being families with children, it is important that your campsites be laid out in a manner that is not only kid friendly but also with safety in the foreground.

First, your campfire will probably be the focal point of the campsite, so for safety, it should be in the center of the open area or as close as possible.

*Tip: By continuing to keep safety in mind, it is important that each of your campsites have a fire ring to form a boundary that will keep little (or adult) toes out of the embers.*

Tents: Ideally, you want the tent entrances to face in the campsite but you want them downwind of the campfire so they don’t get filled with smoke.

Picnic Tables: Another focal point of the campsite that will get plenty of activity, the picnic table should be between the cooking area and the campfire so that kids don’t have to be in and out of that area. The idea is to reduce traffic around the cooking area as much as possible.

Cooking Area: This will be a very active place around meal time so the grill is best placed on the edge of the campsite’s open area. The idea is to have all storage, cooking and clean-up areas consolidated to one segment of the campsite, easily accessible, but not in the major traffic patterns of the campsite that the kids are using.

Most kids enjoy camping and most parents enjoy including their children but if your campsites aren’t set up to accommodate them you could be losing out on business!

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Napping on a Park Bench


In larger cities, finding individuals sleeping on your park benches may not be out of the ordinary. Fortunately, in the small city of Lexington, VA where our headquarters office is located, this does not present much of a problem. However, in a city not so far away from us, loitering on park benches seems to be causing an issue. The article title reads:


Now, while that may seem like the best solution…we beg to differ! Removing benches because people are hanging out on them and using them too much doesn’t seem like a problem but perhaps it’s the fact that people are sleeping on them. Every park deserves to have park benches, here is how you can keep them:

1. If you are looking to purchase new benches to replace old ones or are constructing a new park, perhaps your best option to avoid individuals sleeping on your benches and disrupting other people while enjoying the landscape is to purchase shorter benches. While a longer bench will provide more seating and you would need less of them, if you will be placing these benches in an area where homeless people tend to hang out, a shorter bench will make it difficult for a tired wanderer to stretch out.

2. If purchasing new benches is out of your budget then amending your existing ones is certainly an option. By placing a sleep inhibitor on your existing benches, you are putting a piece in the middle of your bench (on the seat) that will interfere with homeless people getting comfortable on your benches. The great thing is that we also have these little accessories for tables and table seats if it’s your picnic tables that are being transformed into a bed at night.

Completely removing all of your benches may not be the best solution. Give us a call at 877.777.3700 and let us help you with other options that will help you keep your benches (and picnic tables)!

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Thinking About Starting a Dog Park?

Dog parks are by far one of the leading features on the wish list of municipal and community parks. Dog parks can be wonderful additions to a community, whether as an inclusion to an existing community park or as a stand-alone, dog specific park. People who are thinking about building a dog park should be aware that there are many pitfalls to be encountered along the way.

Although important and necessary components, building a dog park is not just about the business plan or the architectural illustrations. It is not just about that perfect parcel of land you want to use, the type of fencing you will install or the unique sign you want to place at the entrance. Before you do anything, learn about your market, learn dogs and the people who own them.

To have a safe park, you must have rules and make sure they are adhered to – you must have a supervised park. While many who use dog parks may be experienced dog owners who realize they still have a lot to learn about dogs, a lot of people are first time dog owners who think they know everything. Dogs have to be interested in being social in the first place for them to have a positive experience at a dog park. Imagine mixing all dogs into an off-leash environment? You really never know what will happen, so it’s imperative to have supervision.

There are several models of dog parks. Municipal dog parks are usually free and open to the public 24/7. Although most have posted rules, there is no one to make sure people abide by those rules. These parks are the ones where most problems are encountered. Member based parks usually charge a fee and require people and their dogs to be registered. Many fee based parks require dogs to pass a temperament test before they are admitted to the park, and people are asked to attend an orientation session. It is not a good idea to mix small and large dogs together in an off-leash environment. Many dog parks have both a small dog area and a large dog area.

Here are a few things to consider that may help you choose the right spot for your future park:

  1. Size It Up:
    The size of your park may depend solely on the availability of land. But it is recommended at least 1 acre but they can be as big as your community can manage and maintain. If space isn’t an issue, consider an area large enough that it’s possible to rotate high traffic areas annually or even seasonally.
  2. Pack It In:
    Consider how your community will use the park. Remember that people need to enjoy the park too! It’s important to plan for seating and shade so everyone stays comfortable when they visit your park. Don’t stop there! Do you want to include room for agility equipment, a sand box, pond or fountain, climbing wall, walking trails or anything else you can think of that your community and its dogs would love? A community meeting can help determine what’s feasible and preferred by the future park patrons.
  3. Water, Water Everywhere:
    Consider a water source for humans and dogs as well as a dog rinsing station. On especially muddy days, being able to rinse your dog off to keep cars from getting the full dog park experience can make a nicer day for everyone.
  4. Plan For Clean Up:
    To help keep your dog park pleasant and as clean as possible, place waste stations and trash receptacles a decent distance apart (approximately 4 per acre depending on the layout). Ensure the park is easily accessible for landscaping crews so it’s simple to keep your park lush and neat.
  5. Show Your Spirit:
    Remember that designing your dog park extends to the spirit of the park. One key way to do this is to set the stage for responsible pet-ownership and behavior in the dog park by developing and posting park rules. Some sample rules may include:

    • Dogs must be properly vaccinated and it is recommended that they be spayed or neutered.
    • Puppies under 4 months of age and female dogs in heat are prohibited.
    • Do not bring dog foods into the dog park.
    • Owners must clean up after their dogs.
    • Dogs with a known history of aggressive behavior are prohibited.
    • Dogs must wear a collar with identification at all times.
    • Dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the park.
    • Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited.
    • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
    • Maximum of 3 dogs per person, per visit.
    • Watch for dogs on the other side of the entry gate when entering or leaving to prevent escapes.

Already have your dog park plans ready? How can we help?

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What Type of Pool Furniture is Right for You?

High quality pool furniture can be a big investment, but it can also offer huge rewards. Comfortable, long-lasting furniture will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space. But, with such a dizzying array of furnishings available in so many types, what best suits your needs? Lets take a look at some different options, their advantages and their disadvantages.

Wrought Iron:
Wrought iron is practically indestructible. Its heavyweight construction can make it ideal for areas with very strong winds. Most wrought iron will require cushions for comfort and is offered in a large variety of styles and sizes. All that weight can be a problem though if you are planning on moving your furniture often. With wrought iron, there is some possibility of rust but this is usually an easy fix. High quality wrought iron from American manufacturers employ modern techniques like galvanizing and powder coating that effectively prevent rust. However, if your furniture will be in standing water you’ll want to consider if wrought iron is truly a good choice for you.

Extruded Aluminum:
Lightweight, incredibly strong, never rusts. High grade aluminum is used to construct aircraft for just these reasons…the same reasons that make it ideal for pool furniture. Extruded aluminum is forced through a steel die to create lengths of material which can then be bent and welded into finished furniture. The result is a hollow material with reinforcement channels inside for strength. What’s the difference between a high quality chair from an established company like Tropitone and a cheaper chaise from a no-name company? A big part of it is the thickness of the outer walls and inner channels. A thicker extrusion will not crack when bent and shaped into furniture. These cracks are often tiny and not noticeable under the paint until the metal begins to break. High end manufacturers use extruded aluminum with much thicker outer walls and inner channels that can last a lifetime.

Cast Aluminum:
Cast aluminum uses molten aluminum poured into a casting of sand or steel to create furniture that is solid metal. Elaborate patterns and exquisite detail are some hallmarks of quality cast furniture. Much heavier than its extruded aluminum cousin, cast aluminum is ideal for areas with higher winds.

Outdoor Woods:
Nothing beats the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Even if you are using other types of furnishings, the addition of wooden benches or tables can add a touch of variety of surroundings. Some woods, like teak, can last for decades.

Recycled Plastic:
One of the newest categories of pool furniture is environmentally friendly recycled plastic. With solid, weight construction, vibrant colors, and almost no upkeep required, recycled furniture has become a popular choice for boat docks and oceanfront settings. Maintenance is as simple as a garden hose and pressure nozzle.

Sling Furniture:
Sling is the lazy furniture….wipe it down with mild, soapy water a couple of times a year and hose it off! Slings are a vinyl based material stretched across the frame of a chair or chaise lounge to create a seat and back. Slings can be cooler to sit in because the open-weave nature of the material . Even after a pouring rain, sling furniture can be dry and ready to use within a very short time. Slings normally will last about 6 to 8 years but established manufacturers will offer replacements that will make your chair or chaise look, and sit, like new. ParknPool also offers a wide selection of replacement fabrics that can give your old furniture a completely different look. Good sling furniture can give you many years of comfort with almost no upkeep.

Cushioned Furniture:
Nothing matches the comfort of good cushion furniture. Modern, high-end cushions can offer a level of comfort that will make you feel like the king or queen of your area! High grade, fast drying foams and miracle fabrics like Sunbrella assure you that your cushions can be left outdoors in any weather. These fabrics, also used in boating and commercial applications, are water resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean. As with slings, they can be replaced by choosing from a huge variety of fabrics.

As you can see, there are more choices than ever to complement your outdoor space or pool area. With a little planning and knowledge you can make a purchase that will give you years of satisfaction. To learn about your pool furniture options, call ParknPool at 877.777.3700 and let one of our account managers help you figure out what type of pool furniture is right for you!

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Promote Community Care

Ensuring your community stays clean and beautiful is easier than you think. Keeping trash out of parks and off roads is just the beginning. Graffiti, cigarette litter and overflowing landfills are also menacing problems.

There are simple steps you and your community can take to clean and maintain the beauty of your community, park, school or apartment complex.

If your community has fallen into a trash mess, organize a group of volunteers and have a community clean-up event. Make a day of it to promote community care! Find local sponsors and educational partners.

There are numerous organizations that your community can pair with to help clean-up a neighborhood or park. Keep America Beautiful is a networking organization that has over 1,200 local affiliates in communities across America. “believes that each of us hold an obligation to preserve and protect our environment…through our everyday choices and actions.” They bring business, citizens and governments together to find solutions to reducing waste and litter as well as beautifying communities.

Helpful Tips for Organizing a Clean-Up:

  • Partner with local partners or a national organization.
  • Spread the word with local media – email campaigns, social media, radio, print advertisements, etc.
  • Make the event fun – have games, provide snacks and giveaways.

A great way to prevent your community from being trashed is to provide the appropriate trash receptacles in and around buildings, parks, apartment homes and pedestrian streets. This will prevent unwanted litter and debris from being scattered around. The closer together receptacles are to each other, the higher the chance of people throwing away their garbage.

1,609lbs of trash is produced by EACH American EVERY year!

Providing dog owners with pet waste disposal stations dramatically decreases the amount of unwanted feces in communities. Pet stations scattered throughout communities and parks places the responsibility on pet owners to clean up after their pets.

About 4,000 tons of pet waste is produced EACH DAY!

There are a few preventative measures you can take if graffiti is a menacing issue of your neighborhood, apartment community or park area. Unless you have a security system in place, it is hard to catch the culprit in the act. Choosing furniture from which spray paint can be easily removed – such as recycled plastic, plastisol or thermoplastic coated – is one of the best measures to take. it won’t stop the taggers from attacking, however it will save money on replacement furniture.

Minimizing the carbon footprint left behind goes far beyond recycling. Reducing unnecessary waste, recycling, energy conservation, and carpooling are effective ways to minimize what is left behind. Here are a few things that reduce the carbon footprint:

  • Ditch bottle water: Encourage citizens to fill reusable water bottles from water stations or fountains.
  • Promote recycled: Set up curbside pick-up recycling cartons for your community and place recycling bins around parks, housing communities, schools and other public areas.
  • Unplug it: Promote citizens to unplug appliances, cell phones and laptop chargers or any other electronic item when not in use.
  • Carpool or use bikes: Placing bike racks in and around communities increases bike use. Create a message board where community members can post ride share information.

The national recycling rate is only 34% annually. Recycling reduces what ends up in landfills, reduces water pollution, creates jobs in communities, saves trees and protects wildlife habitats. Simple steps can be taken to promote recycling within a community that will have a lasting effect on everyone. Whenever possibly, buy products manufactured with recycled materials. Even picnic tables, park benches, recycling receptacles and message centers can be manufactured from recycled materials. It takes 3,400 milk jugs to make a 6′ park bench and 6,300 milk jugs to make a 6′ picnic table.

The greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling is equivalent to taking 36 million cars off the road each year!

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to run a TV for 3 hours!

Recycling one glass bottle or jar saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours!

Americans use 20,000,000 aluminum cans EVERY DAY!

Planting flowers and trees do a lot more than just make a space beautiful and full of vibrant colors. Having plants regulates air quality, protects water quality, reduces erosion, lightens people’s mood and provides natural habitats air quality, protects water quality, reduces erosion, lightens people’s mood and provides natural habitats for local wildlife. Gardens have been proven to relieve stress and generally make people feel better.

In a study done by Kathleen Wolf at the University of Washington’s College of Forest Resources, areas with a well maintained street scape or garden attract more visitors because it gives the space a sense of purpose. Consumers spent 9-12% more in landscaped areas versus areas with no landscaping.

Integrating difference size planters around your space is a great way to bring color and natural beauty to your area. Bring the outdoors inside and plant oversize plants indoors!

Buying recycled plastic benches, picnic tables, receptacles and other environmentally friendly products has never been easier! Simply visit our website or, if you prefer, give us a call at 877.777.3700 and talk to one our account managers. We take pride in being able to offer so many great products that can make a difference to our planet’s well-being. If you are interested in seeing more of what we have to offer, give us a call or visit us online today!

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Consumer Grade Vs. Commercial Grade

“He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand; but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” ~Proverbs 10:4

Commercial Grade furniture is a must for any hotel, resort, restaurant, campground, athletic facility or other indoor/outdoor setting. Not only is commercial grade furniture suitable for heavy-duty use, it is manufactured to accommodate heavier traffic and to meet the specific needs of all different types of industries.

What benefits should you look for in Commercial Grade furniture?

  • Comes with a warranty
  • Can be easily stacked for storage
  • Rugged construction for longer use
  • Can be customized to fit your personal demands
  • Other benefits include the easy of maintenance, the availability of parts in case of damage and the large variety of matching accessories such as umbrellas and cushions.

Comfortable, attractive Commercial Grade furniture is becoming more and more crucial to the success of a business. The design of these furnishings can increase the satisfaction of guests, decrease injuries because of its durability, and give your business a more professional, modern appearance to incoming visitors.

A poor design or substandard furniture can have serious negative effects on the bottom line of a growing business’s profits over time. Taking the time to call us to purchase your quality Commercial Grade furnishings will pay off in the longevity and health of your business.

What Commercial Grade materials will work best for you?

  • Acrylic/Sling
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Resin
  • Other Commercial Grade materials to keep in mind when deciding what would work best for your area are fiberglass, recycled plastic, steel, vinyl and wood

A distinction must be made between Commercial Grade and Consumer Grade! The difference lies in the durability of how Commercial Grade furniture is built. The resulting products are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and still accommodate the specific needs of your business., facility or recreational area. Commercial Grade furniture is made to be rearranged and moved as the needs of your business change over time. Even though Commercial Grade is often more expensive than Consumer Grade, it is economically wise to invest your profits into furniture that will last longer than a single season.

Commercial Grade products are built to be simultaneously professional in appearance and sturdy in composition. Placing commercially manufactured furniture at your place of entertainment will create a fresh, modern and comfortable feel that will remain in the memories of visitors long after they have left. Word-of-mouth is the fastest way for good news to travel – can you say referrals?!?! Furniture that is stylish and meets the demands of daily use is invaluable to the sustainability of any given business, whatever that business may be. Not only do Commercial Grade furnishings address safety, comfort and durability, it is often delivered within a short time frame. Better yet, depending on the item…we will install it for you!

In short, whatever you are looking for you can always be sure to find the benefits in purchasing Commercial Grade furniture over Consumer Grade. Still don’t see the difference?!?! Just give us a call…we’ll explain it! The most important thing to keep in mind…strong sturdy Commercial Grade furniture will continue to save you money through the years! With such a wealth of options, being productive, safe and stylish is within the reach of even the smallest recreational area!

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Tips for Staying Cool on a Hot Night of Sports

Summertime is almost here and with it comes outdoor sports, hot temperatures, heat, humidity, and sweat. Keeping cool when temperatures reach record highs isn’t just about comfort. Dangerously high temperatures can result in heat-related illnesses ranging from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Remembering basic tips can help you prevent heat-related illness during hot weather.

The following tips can help you keep cool all summer long:

  1. Wear loose clothing, preferably, of a light color.
  2. Cotton clothing will keep you cooler than many synthetic material.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a refreshing spray to your face after being outdoors.
  4. Fans can help circulate air and make you feel cooler even in an air conditioned house.
  5. Try storing lotions or cosmetic toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet.
  6. Keep plastic bottles of water in the freezer; grab one when you’re ready to go outside. As the ice melts, you’ll have a supply of cold water with you.
  7. Take frequent baths or showers with cool water.
  8. Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water along with sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes.
  9. Some people swear by small, portable, batter-powered fans.
  10. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will promote dehydration.
  11. Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare including frequent small meals or snacks containing cold fruit or low fat dairy products.
  12. Use common sense, if the heat is intolerable stay indoors when you can and avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces.

While the players will be getting breaks in between plays, it is just as important for the fans to take one themselves. The blazing sun has been beating down on the bleachers all day. Don’t let the heat dim your Friday Night Lights!

Grillin’, Chillin’ and Storytellin’ on a Campground

Ah…the inviting smell of hot, burning coals, the smoky taste of barbecue chicken and the gooey delight of campfire S’mores for dessert. All you need now is the perfect grill and fire ring to make this outdoor meal possible.

People have been using fire to cook their food for as long as we have been on earth. At first, it was common to cook on wood fires because wood was a much more plentiful resource, but by 4000 BC civilization began cooking on charcoal fires instead of simply using wood. Both cooking sources are still used today for campers, cookouts and barbecues.

Our charcoal burning pedestal group grills provide more cooking surface so everyone in your party can eat at the same time. No need to cook 4 chicken breasts at a time while your guests line-up for dinner. You can cook the whole family-size pack at one time!

No more caveman days, fire rings are a perfect solution to replace a ring of rocks. Have your guests gather around to tell ghost stories while roasting those S’mores. Oh yeah, and there is a warranty on our fire rings that covers the unit, not the fire!

The telling of ghost stories around the fire at a campground has been a tradition for many years. ParknPool knows that coming up with a scary story on the spot can be difficult so we have taken the liberty of providing one for the next time you are gathered around a fire ring with your family and friends.

Located on a hill overlooking the town below stood the brand new headquarters of ParknPool Corp. The whole staff was so excited to move into their new environmentally friendly building but within days of settling in, they began to hear strange noises and witness mysterious events. Upon entering for the first full day of operation, the staff found the entire office in disarray. Wall hangings, that just days before, were hung perfectly straight now hung crooked and out of place. All of their catalogs were all laid out with the pages flipping themselves and the phone began ringing off the hook but when answered were greeted by nothing but silence.

Weeks after that initial first day of operation the clocks were no longer working, all of them stuck at exactly 5:00pm giving the impression that the end of the day had arrived. Someone wanted them out of that building! After much research it was determined, that unbeknownst to the builders, staff and surveyors, the new headquarters of ParknPool Corp had been built above the unmarked graves of past criminals. Unspeakable crimes were committed by the hands of those buried beneath the new building – crimes so horrendous that there is absolutely no record of the haunting criminals’ existence.

And with no way to extinguish their haunting after-life presence, the end of this madness has yet to be seen…

S’mores are popular around campfires because simple ingredients make a perfect balance of flavors. The marshmallow is sticky and sweet, the chocolate is smooth, and the graham cracker is crisp and crumbly, acting almost like a pie crust helping to contain the filling. Making your own is simple, just don’t forget your recipe card!

Browse our site for pedestal grills and fire rings to invite the smell of hot, burning coals, the smoky taste of barbecue chicken and the gooey delight of campfire S’mores at your barbecue, campsite or cookout!

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Tips for Buying “Green” With Your Government Credit Card

With your government credit card in hand, you have the opportunity to help the environment while buying products that meet your facility’s needs.

Federal agencies are being encouraged to buy products that are made with recycled content, have less packaging, are energy efficient, don’t create hazardous waste, and incorporate other environmentally preferred characteristics.

Buying Products with Recycled Content:

Recycled content products contain “recovered materials” or “post-consumer materials” or both. “Recovered materials” means materials that have been removed or diverted from solid waste – in other words, trash – including solid waste created by manufacturers. “Post-consumer materials” are materials that we discard at home and at work that are separated or diverted for recycling instead of going to a landfill. Whatever your job, you will most likely be asked to purchase products from recycled materials. Employees in facilities and maintenance may be asked to purchase park benches and picnic tables. Both of these products can be made with recycled content.

Buying Products with Reduced Packaging:

Packaging is a significant solid waste problem. Approximately 23.7% of the volume and 19.4% of the weight in materials found in city landfills is attributed to just packaging alone. The amount of trash we generate can be reduced simply by buying products with reduced packaging. Consider buying a larger quantity in a single box rather than smaller quantities in multiple boxes.

There will be many situations where you will need to buy products containing hazardous materials but by avoiding them when possible, we can work together to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste in landfills and support the manufacturing of products using recycled materials.

Give us a call at 877.777.3700 for a list of ParknPool’s products that contain recycled content.

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