Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Offering superior products from scores of manufacturing companies, ParknPool is the leading online distributor of commercial outdoor furniture and amenities. From playgrounds and parks to poolside and dining, you can count on our extensive professional experience to help you meet your needs.


Our History

Born in 1998 in sunny Orlando, Florida, we have grown from representing one manufacturer of commercial pool furniture to now offering superior products from numerous manufacturing companies. We are proud to be a Veteran Owned SBE/WBE Corporation.

Now located in beautiful and historic Lexington, Virginia, we are the original online vendor of commercial outdoor furniture. Our company is staffed with dedicated individuals, whose mission is to ensure that you will become a client for life.

Why ParknPool?

ParknPool’s goal is to provide unparalleled integrity and competence throughout the entire purchasing and installation process. Our mission is simple, but powerful – to create happy clients. Our unique Power Promise ensures that we accomplish this. We promise that we will provide you with consistently high-quality commercial furnishings. We will identify your needs and match them with relevant products. We will create realistic expectations and then we will exceed them!

Our Affiliations

We are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Government Services Administration (GSA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA)
  • The Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
  • The National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC)
  • National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)
  • National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA)
  • West Virginia Recreation and Parks Association (WVRPA)
  • Virginia Park and Recreation Association (VPRS)
  • World Waterpark Association (WWA)
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)
  • Florida Apartment Association (FAA)