What Type of Pool Furniture is Right for You?

High quality pool furniture can be a big investment, but it can also offer huge rewards. Comfortable, long-lasting furniture will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space. But, with such a dizzying array of furnishings available in so many types, what best suits your needs? Lets take a look at some different options, their advantages and their disadvantages.

Wrought Iron:
Wrought iron is practically indestructible. Its heavyweight construction can make it ideal for areas with very strong winds. Most wrought iron will require cushions for comfort and is offered in a large variety of styles and sizes. All that weight can be a problem though if you are planning on moving your furniture often. With wrought iron, there is some possibility of rust but this is usually an easy fix. High quality wrought iron from American manufacturers employ modern techniques like galvanizing and powder coating that effectively prevent rust. However, if your furniture will be in standing water you’ll want to consider if wrought iron is truly a good choice for you.

Extruded Aluminum:
Lightweight, incredibly strong, never rusts. High grade aluminum is used to construct aircraft for just these reasons…the same reasons that make it ideal for pool furniture. Extruded aluminum is forced through a steel die to create lengths of material which can then be bent and welded into finished furniture. The result is a hollow material with reinforcement channels inside for strength. What’s the difference between a high quality chair from an established company like Tropitone and a cheaper chaise from a no-name company? A big part of it is the thickness of the outer walls and inner channels. A thicker extrusion will not crack when bent and shaped into furniture. These cracks are often tiny and not noticeable under the paint until the metal begins to break. High end manufacturers use extruded aluminum with much thicker outer walls and inner channels that can last a lifetime.

Cast Aluminum:
Cast aluminum uses molten aluminum poured into a casting of sand or steel to create furniture that is solid metal. Elaborate patterns and exquisite detail are some hallmarks of quality cast furniture. Much heavier than its extruded aluminum cousin, cast aluminum is ideal for areas with higher winds.

Outdoor Woods:
Nothing beats the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Even if you are using other types of furnishings, the addition of wooden benches or tables can add a touch of variety of surroundings. Some woods, like teak, can last for decades.

Recycled Plastic:
One of the newest categories of pool furniture is environmentally friendly recycled plastic. With solid, weight construction, vibrant colors, and almost no upkeep required, recycled furniture has become a popular choice for boat docks and oceanfront settings. Maintenance is as simple as a garden hose and pressure nozzle.

Sling Furniture:
Sling is the lazy furniture….wipe it down with mild, soapy water a couple of times a year and hose it off! Slings are a vinyl based material stretched across the frame of a chair or chaise lounge to create a seat and back. Slings can be cooler to sit in because the open-weave nature of the material . Even after a pouring rain, sling furniture can be dry and ready to use within a very short time. Slings normally will last about 6 to 8 years but established manufacturers will offer replacements that will make your chair or chaise look, and sit, like new. ParknPool also offers a wide selection of replacement fabrics that can give your old furniture a completely different look. Good sling furniture can give you many years of comfort with almost no upkeep.

Cushioned Furniture:
Nothing matches the comfort of good cushion furniture. Modern, high-end cushions can offer a level of comfort that will make you feel like the king or queen of your area! High grade, fast drying foams and miracle fabrics like Sunbrella assure you that your cushions can be left outdoors in any weather. These fabrics, also used in boating and commercial applications, are water resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean. As with slings, they can be replaced by choosing from a huge variety of fabrics.

As you can see, there are more choices than ever to complement your outdoor space or pool area. With a little planning and knowledge you can make a purchase that will give you years of satisfaction. To learn about your pool furniture options, call ParknPool at 877.777.3700 and let one of our account managers help you figure out what type of pool furniture is right for you!

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